Ringgit MalaysiaThis article is an adaptation from a section of Sharif Rahman’s latest book which concluded his detailed explanation on gold’s multitude of failures. His latest book is titled, “Kegagalan Emas Sebagai Matawang” and is sure an exciting read because he also took the time to explain the justice of “interest”.

Ever wonder why the money in your hand is considered valuable, even if the paper it’s printed on is just that, mere pieces of beautiful paper? Many gold bugs made the silly accusation that these pieces of paper have no value and are no match when compared to their shiny gold bars and coins. They claimed that the Ringgit’s value is simply being dictated by the government and the government is forcing the people to accept it. Thus the typical word they used to badmouth the currency is “fiat”. Fiat means decree, and a long time ago, that was the case. However today, our paper money is no longer a mere fiat currency, it is a currency that is soundly backed, and the backing is far superior to using gold as the support.

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Malaysia vs SingaporeMalaysians have the conviction that Singaporeans are doing far better than Malaysians do. In many specialized areas, indeed, the level of superiority of Singapore seems to be light years away compared to Malaysia. However when all things are smoothened out, and the data is generalized over the entire country (Malaysia is much bigger and populous than its neighbor, by as much as 1,400 times and 6 times respectively), we can see that the overly emphasized achievements of Singapore (or the lack of achievements on the part of Malaysia) will fall apart.

The most overarching example is the comparison of the exchange rate between the two countries.

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Euro USDA prerequisite for trading the forex market is the ability to read a currency chart. In this article we cover the basics of forex charts – what the chart measures and what it can reveal about the relative strength of a currency.

The Basics

To begin, a chart is simply a historical representation of the price of a security over a given period of time. Simply put, a chart shows how price of the currency (reflected on the vertical axis) has fluctuated over time (captured on the horizontal axis).

Let us take the example of a EUR USD chart to make this more specific. Remember, currencies trade in pairs so the exchange rate reflects how many dollars can be purchased with one euro. The current exchange rate is roughly 1.29, which means each euro is worth 1.29 dollars.

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“HY Markets is a division of the Henyep Group, a global diversified conglomerate with business in financial services, property, education, and charity spanning 3 continents and 20 countries worldwide. The Henyep Group of companies are registered and authorized in world-leading jurisdictions including London, United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong. This provides clients with the comfort and security of a global institution.

HY Markets provides investors with efficient and direct access to all their trading needs. Start trading with the security of an FSA regulated company”.

~HY Markets website

HY Markets in comparison to other brokers out there has a long history. For more information you can click here.

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technical analysis

The foreign exchange market is a highly volatile market that requires traders to be watching positions carefully. Within a few seconds time, currencies can move in either direction and drive investors out of their positions. The most popular method to trade these types of markets is through the use of technical analysis. Technical analysis revolves around the study of the supply and demand that is happening within the market place. The demand will have an impact on the price and the investor can use the analysis of the price movement to gauge what direction the market might be headed. Technical indicators are not a sure bet and do not provide the trader with the one magic equation to make money. These indicators are simply showing you what the price has done in the past, be it hours or minutes, so the trader can develop a plan for a future trade. There are a few technical indicators that are used to trade Forex more than others. Some of the best forex indicators include: simple, exponential, and weighted moving averages, stochastic, and ADX momentum study.

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