National Achivers 2014 CongressWe often complain about how our lives don’t go the way as planned and come up with excuses why we are not as successful as we could in our finances, relationships or career. Sounds familiar? This is the golden opportunity for you to attend The National Achievers Congress 2014 (NAC 2014), a 3 day intensive seminar featuring inspiring world-class speakers all in one venue.

This year’s NAC 2014 returns on a larger scale in Malaysia with an expected crowd of 4000-5000 people. Our keynote speaker will be Nick Vujicic, an international inspirational speaker and best-selling author born with neither arms nor legs. Growing up, Nick learnt to complete tasks like brushing his teeth and hair, typing, and playing sports. He still had to overcome being bullied in school and depression because of his condition.

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WinnerThis post is to announce the winners who participate in the VIP & Premium Tickets Giveaway for Millionaire Mind Intensive Program, which will be conducted from 14th to 16th March 2014 at Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur. Thank you for the participants who join the contests.

As mention in the Giveaway post, we were going to have 13 winners. 3 winners will get VIP Tickets worth RM325 each. The remaining 10 winners will get Premium Tickets worth RM245 each. The other who not won anything, we will offer FREE general tickets.

You can see the winners for the contest below. The first 3 in the list won VIP tickets while the remaining 10 won Premium tickets. Event organizers will contact you to give the tickets. Congratulations for all the winners.

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Giveawayeurocoinonline is proud to sponsor FREE VIP & Premium Tickets for Millionaire Mind Intensive Program. The program will be conducted from 14th to 16th March 2014 at Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur.

Millionaire Mind Intensive Program is a program designed for those who want to be financially free.

During the seminar, you will learn the secrets that general public will never know about how to think and act likes a millionaire. It is basically a financial education seminar of creating a wealth mindset, NOT a money making seminar or a get rich quick scheme.

This giveaway consists of 3 VIP Tickets worth RM325 each & 10 Premium Tickets worth RM245 each. With this ticket, you will have an access to VIP or Premium seating & course materials (DVDs, CDs, Tote Bag). There will be 13 winners, and each winner entitle for 1 ticket.

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Millionaire Mind IntensiveMost people never become as financially successful as they could be and go through life never knowing why. They ask questions like: Why isn’t the government doing enough to help? Why aren’t our salaries keeping up with the rising cost of living? Why is life so unfair?

But instead of asking “why” the better question to ask is “how”.

HOW can you change your financial future? How can you BE one of those people who ARE rich?

It’s easy to point the finger at the economy all around the world. It’s even easier to cross your fingers and secretly hope things will miraculously get better for you.

The honest truth is your financial success has nothing to do with the housing market, the stock market or even how much money you earn. The ROOT of the problem isn’t external, it’s internal.

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Property Outlook ConferenceAre you a property investor and interested to find out the property market outlook in 2014? If you are, Property Outlook Conference 2014 will be an exiting event for you. The event will be from 11th to 12th January 2014 in Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur.

The conference organizes by Wealth Mastery Academy, and they line up the top Property Investment Gurus, Experts, Valuers, Developers, and other related market players in Malaysia and overseas to share their knowledge.

The knowledge obtained from this conference will help assist property investors to absorb and practice the effective property investment strategies.

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