Down MarketA friend of mine, Aaron from blog, recently compiled 5 valuable opinions of investment strategies during down market from 5 peoples who established their own financial & management internet portal. Worth to note that some of them are also founders of some financial related companies.

I was given a chance by him to give my views on this matter. I never consider myself a financial expert (although Aaron insists me to be one) but I have my on strategies on what need to be done during this period.

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 If you may notice eurocoinonline has undergone some change in the blog layout. We try to main the original layout as much as possible.

The main features of the new layout are better readability where we use a larger font with clearer color. The second feature is responsive design. If you are not familiar with the term, it means that it is friendly to the mobile users. This is the latest trend where many of the blog readers are using a mobile device such as smart phone or tablet. If you are one of them, you should notice it.

If you see any error or problem with the layout, please contact me or leave a comment.

By they way, if you feel that is too long to remember, you may use our new short address It will redirect the main website.

We will announce the winners for National Achievers Congress 2014 giveaway on Friday 2nd May 2014.

 There is a new feature in eurocoinonline called IPO Calendar. This feature created specially for IPO lovers ( including me!) so that it is much easier to keep track & remember important IPO dates. The data for all IPOs in 2013 was filled in.

Check out IPO Calendar page & let me know if there is missing or inaccurate data by filling out the contact form.

On top of that, I also update Legal Fees and Stamp Duty Calculator to include Stamp Duty on loan. For bloggers or webmasters, if you would like to embed the calculator in your website kindly check the widgets page on how to do that. There are 7 types of calculators that you can choose.

Google AdsenseThe answer to the question can be YES & NO.

Income Tax Act states that with effect from the year of assessment 2004, income derived from outside Malaysia and received in Malaysia by a resident individual is exempted from tax.

The key point here is that, the income must be derived from outside Malaysia meaning the money remitted from outside Malaysia & the money is not generated in Malaysia meaning the server that host the website must be outside Malaysia.

This was based on my communication with IRB Contact Center. Below is my question & answer by them.
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Now eurocoinonline is hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and the system is provided by TurnKey Internet. Previously, eurocoinonline is hosted on a share hosting provided by Bluehost.

For those who are not familiar, VPS is basically a virtual server which has guaranteed server resources such as CPU, memory & hard-drive space. User also has full control over the server such as OS reinstall & server reboot. This will result in faster webpage serving & able to handle more visitors (I hope so).

I managed to grab a very good deal on their Black Friday 2011 sale with 75% off for life. I buy package 4 of their VPS packages with the following specification;

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